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I'm the press officer at the International Institute for Environment and Development and a member of the Climate Change Media Partnership, which IIED created with Panos and Internews in 2007 (see http://www.iisd.ca/mea-l/guestarticle40a.html). I’m on the executive committee for the World Conference of Science Journalists, which will take place in London in 2009.

To join IIED's mailing lists for press releases, email me at: mike.shanahan@iied.org

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Research areas

I used to be a tropical ecologist doing research in rainforests. These days I do some research on media coverage of science and development issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

Scientific interests

Climate change; science journalism; tropical rainforests; new media; international development; biodiversity

Published papers

Shanahan M. 2008. Entangled in the Web of Life: biodiversity and the media. An IIED Briefing.

Shanahan M. 2007. Talking about a revolution: climate change and the media. An IIED Briefing. http://www.iied.org/pubs/pdfs/17029IIED.pdf

Shanahan M. 2006. Science journalism: fighting a reporting battle. Nature 443 (7110) , 392-3.

Shanahan M. & Debski I. 2002. Vertebrates of Lambir Hills National Park, Sarawak. Malaysia Malayan Nature Journal 56 , 103-118.

Shanahan M. & Compton SG. 2001. Vertical stratification of figs and fig-eaters in a Bornean lowland rain forest: how is the canopy different? Plant Ecology 153 , 121-132.

Shanahan M. et al. 2001. Colonization of an island volcano, Long Island, Papua New Guinea, and an emergent island, Motmot, in its caldera lake. V. Colonization by figs (Ficus spp.), their dispersers and pollinators Journal of Biogeography 28 (11-12) , 1365 - 1377.

Shanahan M et al. 2001. Fig-eating by vertebrate frugivores: a global review. Biological Reviews 76 (4) , 529-72.

Shanahan M. & Compton S. 2000. Fig-Eating by Bornean Tree Shrews (Tupaia spp.): Evidence for a Role as Seed Dispersers. Biotropica. 32 (4).


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