World Health Organization (WHO) Releases New to Estimate Health and Adaptation Costs of Climate Change

By Hailu Wudneh
African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development
Niamey Niger,
News Release

June 4th 2013: Recognizing the need identified at COP16 in Cancún to strengthen international cooperation and expertise in order to understand and reduce loss and damage associated with the adverse effects of climate change, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a tool to assist countries to address loss and damage associated with climate change impacts and estimating health and adaptation costs. This innovative tool will be presented and discussed in Bonn, Germany on 06 June 2013.

Climate change has already affected human health, through changing weather patterns (temperature, precipitation, sea-level rise and more frequent extreme events) and indirectly through changes in water, air and food quality and changes in the planet’s life supporting systems.

Tackling the root causes of climate change, investing in healthy environments, strengthening health systems and advocating for healthy developments are of great potential for promoting health and reducing costs.

The WHO Regional Office for Europe developed and will present an economic tool with the overall aim to support health adaptation planning efforts in Member States. Specifically, the tool can assist stakeholders in:
• Estimating the health damage costs of climate change at the national and sub-national level;
• Estimating the health relevant adaptation costs of climate change at the national and sub-national level; and
• Comparing the damage costs averted with the costs of implementing adaptation measures, to enable conclusions on value-for-money.the area with the highest risk of above normal rainfall and extreme weather events that may lead to flash floods.

It was that during this meeting what the new WHO tool is, how to use the tool and practical example on how the tool has been used in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia will be presented by experts in the area.