East Africa Experts Urgently Summoned to Discuss Collapse of El Nino

Nairobi ICPAC Headquarters:

Climate experts in the Greater Horn of Africa are meeting in the city of Naivasha in Kenya to develop an update of the seasonal climate following announcement by the World Meteorological Organization that the expected El Nino has collapsed.

Professor Laban Ogallo, ICPAC Director, who has convened the extra ordinary meeting has confirmed that the Mini Climate Outlook Forum 32 will discuss the likely performance of the climate from November to February 2013.

Experts from various climate centers in the region are already heading to Kenya for the two day meeting. The failure of the El Nino brings sighs of relief to many climate observers who had predicted more than normal rains in the Greater Horn of Africa countries.

According to the WMO special media release the Central Pacific Ocean which triggers the El Nino or La Nina conditions was in a neutral state.