New Publication: Who Speaks for the Climate?

Book Cover

By Patrick Luganda NECJOGHA Online
Who Speaks for the Climate? Making Sense of Media Reporting on Climate Change

Maxwell Boykoff of the University of Colorado, Boulder in the United States of America has authored an informative book that should help professionals working in the media to come to grips with reporting about climate change from all angles and perspectives.

Today, the public rely upon media representations to help interpret and make sense of the many complexities relating to climate science and governance. Media representations of climate issues – from news to entertainment – are powerful and important links between people's everyday realities and experiences, and the ways in which they are discussed by scientists, policymakers and public actors.

A dynamic mix of influences – from internal workings of mass media such as journalistic norms, to external political, economic, cultural and social factors – shape what becomes a climate 'story'.

Providing a bridge between academic considerations and real world developments, Baykoff in this book helps students, academic researchers and interested members of the public make sense of media reporting on climate change as it explores 'who speaks for climate' and what effects this may have on the spectrum of possible responses to contemporary climate challenges.

It provides the first consistent book-length narrative on issues of media and climate change and will appeal to people who have been interested in the topic but limited in their ability to read about it by way of disparate journal articles

In a nutshell, this media friendly book provides a bridge between academic considerations and real world developments in climate science, policy and the public. In addition students and teachers alike, will find the 240 page book to be a valuable reading selection that interests course participants and fills the relative gap in classroom-based considerations.

Who Speaks for the Climate? was published in September 2011 by the Cambridge University Press.

Maxwell T. Boykoff, is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA