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I am more than pleased to welcome all of you to our new discussion forum. Members who log in should feel free to chat about a wide range of topics so that we can be able to stimulate information and knowledge sharing using this vast resource at our disposal. For a long time the media in Africa and indeed elsewhere in the world has dwelt at length with heavy political and economic debates that have swayed and often shaped public opinion. This is your chance as a journalist, scientist or just responsible cirizen of the free world to participate actively in using knowledge to shape the future of the globe in more ways that the traditional politics etal. Welcome and feel free to comment so that we will improve as we proceed ahead.

The team at necjogha.org will remain committed to serving you to the best of our humanly ability.

Patrick Luganda

Patrick Luganda

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Re: Welcome note

Nicely put. If anyone has any technical questions or would like to request a new feature, e-mail me at webmaster at necjogha dot org.