Ethiopia Forms Climate Journalists' Association

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Dear Colleagues in Ethiopia,
I wish to congratulate you on the bold action to form the Climate Journalists Association of Ethiopia. Yours is a step in the right direction. I congratulate Hailu Wudneh your Chairman and wish him and the team in Addis Ababa the best of information dissemination activities.

Your country is extremely sensitive to climate and climate change and it means a lot to the survial of herdsmen, farmers and the millions of other people living in Ethiopia who have to depend on the annual rainfall.

I encourage you to use the website as it is a free resource for you to access useful information and improve on your performance in the media and the science communication arenas. Once again Congs to all of you and the NECJOGHA Secretariat is willing to help you grow. You can use thios forum to communicate in the local dialects in Ethiopia so that the local media stations can be able to pick up the information and use what you discuss. It is all for you to decide friends. Welcome

Patrick LUganda

Patrick Luganda