“The NMA is contributing tangible support to the development of Ethiopia” Minister Alemayehu Tegenu

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Ministry of Water and Energy Minister Alemayehu Tegenu disclosed that the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia is providing tangible support to the developmet of Ethiopia.

The Minister stated while opening the 15th Ordinanary Session of the Board of Governers of ACMAD and the 3rd VIGIRISC Stereringcommittee Meeting which was held 28-30 June, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He noted “The government of Ethiopia is very much greatful that the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia is considered by the World Meteorological Organization as the Regional Climate Center (RCC) show case.”

The Board Chair of ACMAD Mr. Mustapha Geanah on his part appreciates the government of Ethiopia for hosting and supporting the activities of ACMAD.

39 representatives of African Center of Meteorological Applications for Development, ACMAD, ICPAC and WMO attended the event at
Desalegn Hotel.

Hailu Wudineh Tsegaye,
Communications Expert_TA, GMES and Africa Support Programme,
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