Paris Agreement Signing Takes Place in New York April 22nd 2016

Civil Society Experts React to Paris Agreement Signing Ceremony

Agriculture key to Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation

Agriculture key to climate change mitigation, adaptation
Africa Science Technology & Innovation News-AFRICA STI
The world’s agriculture sector can contribute to climate change mitigation, while at the same time helping countries to adapt to climate change, say 14 scientists writing in the January 20 edition of the peer-reviewed journal Science.

Members of the contributing team are drawn from 12 countries and it includes South Africa’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research systems ecologist, Bob Scholes.

Launch of the 2nd AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund:

Launch of the 2nd AfricaAdapt Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund:
Call for submissions 9-20 August 2010!

AfricaAdapt is launching its second Knowledge Sharing Innovation Fund. The Fund offers support to African researchers, local and civil society organisations, cooperatives and community networks that create new ways of sharing knowledge between African communities. These poor and vulnerable communities rarely get the opportunity to share their valuable experience and learn from others in formal exchanges of knowledge on climate change adaptation.

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