George Bush Admits Global Warming Real: Pray, The Next Big Hoax?

For those who fervently follow global warming to the secret labyrinths of the White House, we all know what the professional spinners did with that email attachment from the Environmental Protection Agency about how greenhouse gases were polluting the environment and should be checked.

Instead of acting upon it or even printing copies to president George Bush and his handlers, they tossed it in a cyber trash bin called Spam folder as if that was the only green thing to do.

Many months after Scott McClellan quit spinning for Dubya, climate watchers are crying foul that he never ever touched the seemingly hot subject in his recently released book, What Happened. But in his famous spins, he had blamed human activity - you and me - as responsible for global warming on more than one occasion.

Spin can be clever tomfoolery sometimes but the White House stance on global warming is well known and George W. Bush has never disappointed with his public statements that smack verily of official ignorance or pretense on the subject as an inconvenient truth.

What if the White House decided to take the global lead in addressing greenhouse gas emissions and played a more prominent role in combating global warming with same the zeal it suppressed the EPA recommendations document that suggested long term savings of up to US$2 trillion through 2040 if the federal government was to enact tougher greenhouse gas regulations for new automobiles?

But as Bush joins the G8 Summit in Hokkaido, Japan next week, the environmental group, WWF, issued an alarm report that the summit will be just another talk shop because the leaders (whose nations are responsible for 62% of the CO2 in atmosphere) have largely failed to follow through on past commitments on climate change.

Niklas Hoehne, the report’s author, lamented: “None of the eight leading industrial nations have taken sufficient measures needed to be considered in line with the target to limit a worldwide increase in temperatures to 2 degrees centigrade.”

China supported that stance by pouring cold water on George Bush’s grandiose but unconvincing statement at a White House press briefing that: “The first thing is to make sure we get a understanding that all of us need to agree on a long-term goal.”

Su Wei, director-general of the Office of China’s National Leading Group on Climate Change, dismissed Bush thus: “We should focus on real, practical shorter-term and medium-term actions, empty talk of long-term goals does not produce any specific results to address climate change.”

A high level meeting in South East Asia blamed industrialized nations for global warming and adopted a three-year action plan Thursday for regional cooperation to combat climate change effects. The plan will include the sharing of information and best practices on nationally appropriate actions to mitigate carbon emissions.

My prayer, however, is that George Bush’s renewed long term commitment on global warming should not be the next big hoax. Otherwise official skeptics of global warming and mega spinners stationed at the White House will continue to have a field day.
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Well, now there's a former

Well, now there's a former vice president traveling the world demanding we stop burning fossil fuels and, instead, use technologies which he now admits he's invested in. Should this connection be disseminated to the public? Shouldn't folks know that Gore's got money invested in advancing this hysteria?

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