Floods hit Uganda

Floods have again hit Uganda cutting off three districts in the remote Karamoja region in northeastern Uganda.
Two soldiers who were in the region on a disamament excecise have died as a result of the floods after they were swept away while trying to cross overflooded rivers.
The floods have also affected the districts of Tororo, Soroti and Nebbi.
Some schools in Tororo have been closed while in Nebbi district, 150 prisoners had to be relocated after their prison got submerged


At least 270 people have died

At least 270 people have died as result of the floods and waterborne disease across 18 affected countries, according to an AFP tally from governments and humanitarian aid organisations.

The general situation is very

The general situation is very bad and rough. Two days ago we lost two children who drowned. Floods have brought problems to this area as we recover from LRA [Lord's Resistance Army] attacks in 2003. We sleep in very appalling conditions because we fear the houses may collapse because many of them have collapsed.

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I remember when this happened, it was absolutely horrible. May god bless everyone that was involved.

- James, Resveratrol Consultant